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Royal Wedding – Jerusalem, inspires you to greatness

I was so touched by the words of the anthem/hymn, Jerusalem by William Blake (1808) music by Sir Hubert Parry (1916) during the recent Marriage ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  Poetry is not written like this anymore, where the words are so powerful, they move you not… Continue Reading “Royal Wedding – Jerusalem, inspires you to greatness”

Top Ten Opera Favorites

I think that Opera gets such a bad wrap!  It can be so beautiful and powerful when sung correctly.  It takes so much talent and vocal power to sing like that. As I was finding the music for this post, my two year old was… Continue Reading “Top Ten Opera Favorites”

Musical Memories

Singing to your child can do a lot of wonderful things.  Calm down babies at night.  Have fun interactive play.  Stop meltdowns in the car (well maybe not full-blown meltdowns, but it can stave off some, if used early enough).  Teach rhythm, poetry and… Continue Reading “Musical Memories”

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