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Totem Pole Artwork

Students and teachers at my daughter’s school recently did a project in which they took the 7 habits of Highly effective people and corresponded each habit with an animal and the animal’s strengths or talents.  The result was a beautiful totem pole.  I couldn’t tell you which habit corresponded to which animal and why, but I was so impressed with the level of work that was put into this project that I wanted to share it with you.

There’s an Owl at the top, a fish, an eagle, a fox, a bear, a chipmunk, and a beaver.   Well done teachers – incorporating art and creativity with this program.


Art, Arts and Crafts

Elementary School Art Show

Two weeks ago, my daughter’s school sponsored an Art Show for families. There was an Art competition, and displays of student art work. The school is fortunate enough to have an artist-in-residence who was able to work with the classes. My daughter is in 1st grade, and they made these amazing paper mâché hats.

I’m just posting pictures below for you to see the scope of the work. It was such a lovely activity and so great for the children.