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Book Review: Dorling Kindersley

dk books

Publishers of award winning reference books

Perhaps you’ve seen this logo before?  This is another publisher whose books I just can’t seem to get enough of.  From their website I found that they were established in 1974 and are part of the Person Media Group (since 2000).

Here is an example of their work –

Giza Pyramids Courtesy of DK Books

Absolutely beautiful pictures and fantastic information.  I am such a fan of their style and content.  Their reference books include;

  • Art and Crafts
  • History
  • Nature and Science
  • Travel

To name a few.

I also love their site because they have a clip art section that kids can use for their reports and projects (royalty-free for home, personal and educational use) as I did above.

Do you have any favorite DK books?

How have you use them with your children?

What is this insane fascination I have with all things British? 🙂