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Craft Magazines

Our reader, Joyce A. asks a great question. “What craft mags do you get, or do you? I am very hesitant to subscribe to magazines anymore because I have neither the time nor the room for such stuff, but I am interested.” Well Joyce… Continue Reading “Craft Magazines”


We have multi-family Sunday dinners at my house bi-weekly.  With 11 grandchildren, things get crazy quickly.  So, I decided that to keep the little munchkins happy (and quiet) that some sort of  craft might help.  I had paper in abundance (pictures from magazines, paper,… Continue Reading “Notebooks”

The Missing Half

A great way to practice drawing is to take a picture of a person (a magazine or an old picture will do fine) close up and cut it in two.  Paste half of the picture on a piece of white drawing paper and draw the… Continue Reading “The Missing Half”

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