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Book Review: The Patch

My six year old daughter chose this book from her school library last week (probably because of the pink tutu, so I say, “well done illustrator Mitch Vane”). The Patch, by Justina Chen Headley, is an adorable story about Becca, who has a lazy… Continue Reading “Book Review: The Patch”

Concert Etiquette for Children

Last Saturday we went to an Art Show at BYU.  My five year old was an ANGEL!  (She also did really well at the Nutcracker ballet when she was a few months shy of turning four.)   I think that children, even young ones… Continue Reading “Concert Etiquette for Children”

The Nutcracker Ballet

  I think that little girls are hardwired to love ballet.  Maybe it’s the costumes, maybe the very beautiful dancers, the music … who can really say?  All I know is, I loved it when I was a kid, and tonight, my girls (ages… Continue Reading “The Nutcracker Ballet”

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