The One and Done Collection

This is a collection of simple, one color, adjustable bracelets. Choose from – white, pink, coral, light green, light blue, dark blue, and plum as well as other shades. Mix and match your favorite colors – a steal at only $3 each!


A simple white adjustable bracelet – $3


A simple pink adjustable bracelet – $3


A simple coral adjustable bracelet – $3

Light Green

A simple light green adjustable bracelet – $3

Light Blue

A simple light blue adjustable bracelet – $3

Dark Blue

A simple dark blue adjustable bracelet – $3


A simple plum adjustable bracelet – $3

Can’t decide?

Choose them all for $15!

Don’t see a color you like here?

Come on over to our Choose your Own Adventure Page for more color options!


There are multiple ways to pay – but if you don’t see one here that you like, please contact us and we would be happy to help with an order!

Buy the whole collection!

Get all 7 colors – white, pink, coral, light green, light blue, dark blue, plum – a steal at just $15 for the whole set.

15.00 $

You can send us an email order for anything above and adding payment through Venmo. We will fill the order within 24 hours of payment.

Order now and pay through Venmo: