Meet Me in The Stacks Collection

A collection of bracelets. Each one has a grouping of at least three that perfectly stack together on the wrist.

The Sunflower Stack

This stack consists of the following:

*a coral gold square beaded bracelet, *a thick white braid and *a delicate blue bracelet with a sunflower charm. $7

The Hawaiian Sunset

This stack has a multicolored adjustable bracelet, a white loop braid, and a beautiful beaded bracelet. $7

The Starry Night

A tribute to Van Gogh’s Masterpiece, the starry night stack features dark colors – a beaded bracelet, a multicolored adjustable beaded bracelet, and a thick blue braid with a charm. $9

Please order the bracelets that you would like by name and pay through Venmo and we will complete and send your order within 2-3 business days. Don’t forget to add your address so that we can send it and any special instructions. Thank you!

Order now and pay through Venmo: