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Summer Blues? Hearing “I’m bored” a little too much?

Pirate Image copyright Jana Friel 2011

Encourage the kids in your life to CREATE!

Have them enter the Waldron Publishing Summer Stories Contest –

WHO: All children and youth ages 5-18 are encouraged to enter.

WHAT: Original stories or artwork based on a pirate theme.

WHEN: June 25-August 20th, 2011

WHERE: Find out more at

WHY: Plenty of great reasons:

  • To stop the summer boredom blues.
  • To get kids reading and writing.
  • To develop talents and skills.
  • To build resumes.
  • To give them a chance to learn about the publishing process.
  • To have a chance to win fabulous prizes.
  • To contribute to a children’s charity.
Get writing and drawing today!!!
Waldron Publishing

All this talk about Creativity…

Well, it got me pondering, and working a lot.  So, in March 2011, this idea popped into my head, and I’m going to introduce it here –

Waldron Publishing

It is an eBook publishing company.  It’s small, but it’s mine, and I’m really excited.    You can find out more here.  That’s what I’ve been doing lately.