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Creative Homeless

This, I know, is an odd post to write, but I’ve been noticing a trend among the homeless in our city lately, and it’s a breath of fresh air. They have been waving and smiling and trying to brighten our days.

I love this guy, and you better believe that when I have cash on me I give him what I can. It’s not just him though, I’ve seen others that have been doing similar things to spread good will. Just wanted to celebrate the creativity, and the joy that he spreads. Thank you, sir, for having optimism even in desperate situations.

And now on a completely personal note-
I haven’t been posting lately. For that I’m sorry, but my dad died, and so the last few months have been very packed. You can read more about it on my light refreshments blog.

3 thoughts on “Creative Homeless”

  1. That is so great. We always try to have cash on hand when we go into town. There is always someone who needs it when we’re in Santa Fe. My favorite sign of all time was held by a young kid, and it read, “Made bad choices. I’m sorry. Trying to get home to my mom.” Couldn’t fault him for that.

  2. That’s great! I love honesty. I try to give when I can and I’ve been trying to cultivate the King Benjamin attitude – give when your brother asks, and say in your heart “if I could I would give” when you don’t have the means. I think it does the soul good to at least try to think kind thoughts toward others.

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