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Pirate Party – ARRRR!!

We had an Indian Summer last fall in Utah.  My cousin, Jana decided to take advantage of the warm weather and she threw a pirate party.  First of all, there is no one craftier, than Jana.  She can turn nothing into something beautiful and I am in awe of her talents.

Jana, Pirate Party Queen Extraordinaire

I received this in my inbox –


The Invitation

We dressed up the girls (as much as I could) –

The Pink Pirate Brigade


There were Pirate games, a treasure hunt, and a marshmallow fight.  The kids had a blast –

The flag

Jana has a knack!  Her site is Creations from the Kitchen Table.

Treasure Map

(Look at the detail on that hand-drawn map!)

A casualty in the Great Marshmallow War.

The kids were crazy, and Jana’s husband, Rob was such a great sport as the kids “attacked” him.

The location of the treasure was magical!

I just love it when you can get under a tree with hanging branches.

The treasure chest

The treasure chest was made out of a box of Kirkland Signature Baby wipes  – it was fantastic.  Check out the look on the boy’s face – he is mesmerized!

Hip, hip, hooray!

It was wonderful!  Creative, fun, and there was no “underlying” reason for it (birthday, etc.).  Here’s to Jana for making the kid’s day bright, just for fun!

5 thoughts on “Pirate Party – ARRRR!!”

  1. Thanks so much for all the sweet compliments! My head is swelling!

    The pirate party really was fun. I loved it. We will DEFINITELY be planning a repeat party this summer (And probably every summer in the future!)
    Great pics, thanks for sharing.

    (The one of the Marshmallow War casualty is my fave.)

  2. You deserve it! It was “super cool” just to do all that work for fun and good memories. Well done!

  3. That is so cute. We need a party like that to get out of our lingering case of the Februaries…..because it’s March

  4. I think it’s a lingering case of “I need to live closer to Jana and Laryssa.” 🙂

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