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The Nutcracker Ballet


I think that little girls are hardwired to love ballet.  Maybe it’s the costumes, maybe the very beautiful dancers, the music … who can really say?  All I know is, I loved it when I was a kid, and tonight, my girls (ages 5 and 2) are GLUED to the TV watching  PBS’s Programming of the San Fransisco Ballet’s The Nutcracker. More information can be found here .

The thing that intrigued me is that this particular production was set it in San Fransisco 1915, during the World’s Fair, which made it unique and visually stunning.  The production was choreographed by Helgi Tomasson, and scenic design by Michael Yeargan.

Here is a video snippet from it –

This is a link to a very informative ten minute video that PBS produced about the history of the 1915 World Fair.

Dance in America: San Francisco Ballet’s Nutcracker – Video: The 1915 World’s Fair in San Francisco | Great Performances.

For any of you locals to SLC, it’s on KBYU 11 tomorrow night (December 24th, 2010) at 1 am in case you’re up late wrapping Christmas presents or want to record it for your little ones.  Just a little Christmas treat – enjoy!

1 thought on “The Nutcracker Ballet”

  1. I’ve been away at my parents house, with a dial up internet, so I’ve been waiting to comment on this.

    I LOVE the Nutcracker more than words can say. In the weeks before Christmas Ovation TV plays “Battle of the Nutcrackers”. Every night it’s a different company performing…it’s so interesting to see the various interpretations of this. And here is where I will say. Maurice Bejart, you are French and weird and so was your Nutcracker…..the Bolshoi kicked your butt.

    But, every Christmas when I was little, my Grandparents took all of the kids over to ASU Gammage Auditorium to see Ballet West’s Nutcracker. This is still my very favorite of all the versions. I think I end up watching all of the versions Ovation plays at least 2 times. I just can’t get enough. Thankfully Joseph is very patient and doesn’t get grumbly when I max out on this! 🙂

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