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Book Review: An Apple Pie for Dinner

I recently read a sweet book with my children.  An Apple Pie for Dinner is the re-telling of an English folktale, written by Susan VanHecke, illustrated by Carol Baicker-McKee. Published by Marshall Cavendish, 2009.

There’s also a website dedicated to it with fun activities and a more detailed look at the book.

The story was very enjoyable.  It was about working together and making friends along the way, as well as sticking to a task and sacrificing for others.

The thing that really drew me to the book was the illustration.  Carol Baicker-McKee made each picture from baked clay, fabric, pipe cleaners, lace, buttons, hooks, embroidery, trims  and just about anything that you can name.

There was also a section from the illustrator talking about how she created mixed-medium 3D creations.  Oh, I just drool at the creative possibilities of this and lament the lack of hours in the day!

I’d love to put together pictures like this of poems from my childhood.

Does this spark any ideas for you?

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