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Reindeer Thumb-print Cards

Today I was babysitting my nieces, which seems to always turn into craft time.  They were getting tired of just making collages (one of my favorite things to have kids do, because it’s simple and creative. :))

So, I got out a craft magazine that had some instructions for simple Christmas cards, and I pulled out some craft items that made their eyes POP out with excitement.

In the magazine, there were three thumb-print reindeer, Rudolph in the middle.  Each one had mini googly eyes and a miniature pom-pom for the nose.

I had neither googly eyes, nor pom-poms.

I asked the girls what they would do to finish out the project.  I love making crafts in which I don’t need to follow every detail of the template.  You get the most creative ideas that way from the kids, and they feel empowered to create!

So, here is my attempt at the card (are you ready for cheesy?)

Outside of the card

Inside the card (click on file to see more detail).

Other ideas for Rudolph and friends?

How about ideas for thumb-print cards?

(I saw some really cute snowman thumb-prints once.  I’ll have to replicate here sometime.)

1 thought on “Reindeer Thumb-print Cards”

  1. Ok that is so stinkin’ cute. HAHA! I totally remember you making collages too! And here is a vuprose za teb, what craft mags do you get, or do you? I am very hesitant to subscribe to magazines anymore because I have neither the time nor the room for such stuff, but I am interested.

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