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My fantastic idea… is someone else’s!

I just got a book out of the library yesterday about encouraging creativity. At first I thought – oh man!  That’s my idea.

Has that ever happened to you?

It seems as if every time I get a really wonderful idea, I google it, and it’s been taken.  Book titles, web sites, crafts, toys, etc.  ARRGHH!!

The other day, my brother texted me and sent me a book title saying, “this sounds like the book you’re working on.”

He was right – if he meant that it was a fantasy adventure story for young boys.  But then again, there are a lot of those.

So, I looked through the creativity book.  The author had some wonderful ideas.  But I would never be able to do what she does, and I doubt very much that she would be able to do what I do.

We each have the ability to put our own creative twists into everything that we do.  Our unique personalities, circumstances  and resources will change the way that we approach any problem – even if some of the ideas are similar.

So I have to give myself permission to continue with this site – as hodgepodge and quirky as it is.

And I have to give myself permission to write my adventure story for kids – even though others have done the same.

Creativity prompt – make a list of ideas that you have had that someone else has come up with as well.  Now take one of those ideas and re-invent it.  How can you make it better?

3 thoughts on “My fantastic idea… is someone else’s!”

  1. It seems like if someone else has come up with the idea it doesn’t matter, if all you’re going to do with it is use it for personal reasons. If you’re trying to make money from it, then of course that’s a different thing. As for creative ideas…I just leave that to others and mooch off of them. However, I will be baking for money this holidday season, that’s an idea I got from a friend. We also decided if we ever live in the same town we’re going into business together — mad baking skillz you know. Stop by for some pie and ice cream (nut free of course) in 2038.

  2. I’m there!!!! (You know of my insane sweet tooth – do you not? Will you be making Brinton’s Heart Attack Brownies?)

    I agree, if it’s for personal use – use, create, mooch!

    It gets a little difficult though when we want to use them for business ideas, let’s say. For example Jana and I were working on this site (to eventually turn it into a profitable business – which may or may not happen one day) and we wanted to call it – The IDEA factory.

    Well, that’s been used, a lot.

    Then we decided to use Wilhelm’s Wonderful World (WWW, clever huh ;).) Can you believe it, THATs been used.

    Then Creative Juices – also taken, a lot.


    Then we decided on picking a random name – TAMARACK Idea Factory, and we have some lovely things that will go with it eventually. But the thing that I love about it is that it says Tamarackideafactory when you write it all together. Just a little something that brightens my day!

  3. That jerk Al Gore, what was he thinking when he invented the internet and used http://WWW…nerdface!

    I don’t know if I’ll make brownies. I’m really good at making pies, breads and candy, and ice cream. Seriously I have a vision of bumping Ben and Jerry’s outta the niche ice cream market — I am coming for you you stinky hippies! But seriously, I have an idea for a nut free desserts line. So much is nut contaminted and with a peanut allergic child he is left out of so many things that involve treats (parties, halloweens, not that I mind that one honestly, holiday treats and so on).

    And I have that same sweet tooth, as if my very large bottom didn’t testify of my over indulgence in the sugar group of foods.

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