Old Scrapbooking Items

With her paper purse made by her cousin

Recently I’ve realized that I don’t have time or ability to make gigantic scrapbooks.  Sad, I know.  So I put my pictures in regular old albums, but I am left with lots of scrapbooking materials just sitting on the shelf.

I began to remember that when I was young, kind people gave me their crafting “scraps” and I used to make the most amazing “stuff” with those treasures.  So I’ve been letting my little ones use my scrapbook items, and I think that they are excited because they get to use “cool” pieces to create their treasures.

My niece Audrey kept a roomful of young girls entertained yesterday by making these paper purses.  She used a piece of 12″ by 12″ hard paper and tape. Even my two year old loved it.  She wore her purse over her arm and in her sister’s high heels, looked like a little diva.

My five year old has been using my stamps, brads, stickers, etc. to decorate her own scrapbook.

Brads, stamps, and stickers

At first it was hard to let her use the items that I had planned on using for family memories.  But I soon noticed that she was in HEAVEN, and the TV was off.  A few days later, I had wrapped a present in plain paper and she decorated it with markers and stickers.  I was impressed with the patterns and designs that she had created -at five years old!

So I guess I am using all of my expensive scrapbooking equipment for family memories, they were just different memories than I had originally planned on.

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