Creative Teaching

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I’m a teacher both by Profession and by heart.  Despite the wicked pay, I can’t get over the thrill of being with a class.  Perhaps it’s the power trip of having control over a body of individuals [insert maniacal evil overlord laugh here] but maybe, it’s the creativity that the classroom allows and the intrinsic value  that comes from helping others.

Whatever the reason, I found a very intriguing article about teaching that I want to share, it’s called –  Stupid Learning.  The author John Brown teaches a writer’s workshop at conventions and conferences and has some GREAT information on writing on his website.

It’s a humorous piece with some very important points about the power of natural motivation in learning.  I will freely admit that I didn’t truly begin to value personal education until I became an adult woman working on a graduate degree.  Since then, I have tried to learn a multitude of things  – from religion, to string theory physics, to economics, to the history of Argentina.

The main point of this post, is to give you a creative prompt about your own learning.  What subjects interest you, or your children the most?  Who are the experts in that field of study?  What projects can you work on (by yourself, or as a family) that would help you better understand the theories behind that course of study?

Then because of the current economy – How can you begin to “dabble” in that field without spending a fortune? (The library comes to mind from this question, or the community classes bulletins, and of course the wonderful worldwide web).

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