I’m Bored!

The Author, Age 8 surrounded by her creativity
The Author, Age 8 surrounded by her creativity

When I was a little girl, my Mom – in her very proper British accent would say, “Only boring people get bored Laryssa!”  Thus began my foray into creativity.  She always encouraged me to go and do.  To be working on projects and to ALWAYS have something with me (book, knitting, etc) when we went out so that I could keep busy during down time.

Now, when I was a high school teacher, I did a lesson on what to do during those summer months.  Here is the modified handout that I gave to help generate some of those ideas to get you going.  Most of these ideas are intended for Jr. High and High school aged kids, but could easily be modified to younger ages.

It’s not exactly totally in the Creative Arts arena, but I thought that on a lazy summer or rainy day, when you or your kids were tired of the typical  entertainment mediums – TV, video games, music, surfing the net, and movies, you could whip out your list and WHAMMO!  A dozen new things to do with your time. 

Here’s the link –


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